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What happened in 1919? My wonderful Grandmother Corine Lytle Cannon was born. This is her video interview that I was honored to complete. Most people know her as the mayor of Kannapolis or Aunt Corine. I just know her as Grandma The most logical person I know.

For her 102 Birthday I know that it will be a full fun day for her but it will also be a normal day. Meaning around 4 pm this afternoon she will call me to start reading daily bread.

As a gift for my grandmother on her 102 birthday read Proverbs 1 chapter. 31 Chapter in Proverbs 31 days in a month.  Please watch and enjoy the interview.

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FLEMVision: Film, Live Entertainment, and Media. FLEMvision will be the at fore front of getting independent contact out to the masses. Having a unique combination of technology and Creativity. We are creating something here that has been talked about but never been completed before. If you are a filmmaker, acting talent, artist or just want to see what it is like to see yourself on the phone, small or large screen. Please do not hesitate to contact us below.


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