An oldie but goodie classic from the crate of my Great Aunt Kate. Literally. When my great aunt Katie was leaving her house to go into long term care she gave me a box of records that I until now never listened to with such depth and introspect. Join me on this musical journey

Baby Washington

Like most great things. Speaking as a guy from the South. All GREAT music comes from the south. How true is that I will never admit but Baby Washington the voice on this amazing track was born Jeanette (Baby) Washington in Bamberg, South Carolina. The main thing I learned from the wiki search I that it is 57% black but still listed as a minority check it out. The entire town is 3.6 square miles which is not much.

What I think about the song

It is was a good track that reminds me of what music is about and used to be. Simple catchy and even though it was not much behind it. A message was still there. Deep down love was a short song with very good music and the vocals and lyrics took you back in time. Once I come up with a rating system I will update this post but for now it was a 3 or 5. I will play it again for sure.

The Specs

This is Neptune Records in Newark, New Jersey. Listed as unbreakable which is something I will figure out soon. 45 r.p.m. which stands for rounds per minute. It is Record 116A with a runt time of 2 minutes and 5 seconds. Deep down Love with ( Eddie Curtis) Baby Washington Arranged and Conducted by Marty Edwards. Count Down Music in the Ascap.

The Song

Check the song out and let me know what you think below