Am I the Man I Think I am?


If someone to tell me I wasn't special I would probably agree. But I would come right back with the fact that I might bot be speaial But I have done some pretty special things.

For Example in middle school I helped lead the quiz bowl to the state championship. If my memory serves me correct. Also, in high school I recall being forced as a punishment to be part of a mock county commissioners meeting. But the meeting wasn't really a mock. So I get up there and questions about budgeting and funding are being thrown at me. Now I wasn't the smartest kid but I would be Dammed I would let these clowns get the best of me. I went the paperwork and shut it down. Meaning I did a really good job. So it was no surprise to me that years later I was the first American American to run for the state house of representatives for that district. I lost but boy the experience was every things I have made movies I have met futures congressmen and women I have even met a future president.

So the question I ask myself am I the man that I think I am. Currently No.


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The reason that is I believe I am to easy on myself. I let things go. I have gotten lazy. Every night when you go to sleep you should have had a full day. No not me. I watch a little TV here or a little sports there. However, I find myself waking up at 2 a.m. bored out of my mind because I know I could be doing more. So maybe no one ever reads this or maybe later it might be a reminder to myself to keep pushing and go to sleep every night knowing I am a winner.  Join me on this 30 day journey in which I plan to post to keep up with things are going and changing the site to be the best it can be.



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