FLEMVision ( Italic Moon Interview)


Flem: Welcome to Flem Vision  and I'm sitting here today with somebody I have known their entire life.I'll call them Sam but  Sam can you tell her tell the world what you go by  name.

Italic Moon:  Italic Moon

Flem: is now italic moon that seems like a interesting name. How'd you come up with that?

IM: uh probably in middle school I was and I always writing and doing stuff in my talent shows and I like being dark skinned and you know I wanted a cool way to to you know take pride in that and Moon just always kind of stuck with me and Italic it's kind of my favorite font you know some type of individuality

FLEM: Italicized, I feel you all right so coming up tomorrow actually September 6 you are releasing your debut album oh what's the name of it?

IM: Daybreak

FLEM: How do you come up with that title?

IM: this came to me I like. The I like the name the class of night and day you know and my name being Italic Moon  with that idea.

F:EM: I feel you I'll tell you all right so on your  debut album called  Daybreak you got 10 tracks. How was your mental state that you're going through when you were recording these tracks in a  pandemic world?

IM: you know  but really the mindset would explore my versatility I appreciate really good music and so it was more of just going into the studio with the idea of allowing creation to happen through experimentation.

FLEM: Crazy creation through experimentation that that could be the title of your  next album creation through experimentation, all right  so you got 10 tracks on here. I'm going to talk a little bit about each one all right Intro now I'm telling you this when I heard the intro I kind of laughed a little bit can you tell me a little bit about your intro.

IM: my intro is is real simple it's just me as a kid. I found this old clip that it was sent to me. Its me rapping and I think the biggest thing or the biggest band-aid for a lot of artists is just you know putting whatever it is out there being really 100 true to yourself. I'm gonna across the music I gotta at least let the person worked so hard to get to this point in that dream have a little you know verse on it.

FLEM: so yeah all right so uh tell me about your song coming up



IM:  coming up probably one of the first songs that i read out when i had came down to wanting to go by the name Italic Moon it's really just it's a really big you know symbol of what it means for me to just go 100 percent all in of being an artist to myself you know coming up is like showing out being who you are.

FLEM: all right next up we got to the moon

IM: so the moon is a very very simplistic turn up song it's something you will have in every club strip club kick back and it just is what it is it's just kids being being stupid.

FLEM: okay and kids are stupid sometimes you know I'm not gonna disagree with you all right so uh number four on the album we got a song called queen city freestyle now does that have anything to do with the uh queen city charlotte

IM: yeah so I grew up in Charlotte kind of my majority of my life that's kind of I pride myself on being a queen city native ironically though I did write this song in Florida while I was thinking about getting back to the city because I was out in Jupiter for a couple weeks.

FLEM what were you doing down in Jupiter

IM:I was just i was just balling a little bit yeah i'll just go down this ball a little bit

FLEM: That's what's up that's what's up so uh so so this that track is just a shout out to the city?

IM: oh for sure it's like it's like how how everybody out of Charlotte carries himself okay he's strongly strong.

FLEM: Keep it real nice all right next up we got uh i think this is a sad song called valentine.

IM: Yeah valentine is more of a soft spoken love song more of like that relationship you get with maybe a person or a girl who you know don't want you back or you know it's not going to last forever it's more just that it's a real

FLEM: it's a commercial holiday in February right

IM: yes basically it's like that's where that's where I got the inspiration from it's just the idea of valentine's day and how we obsess over you know relationships and stuff like that

FLEM: All right cool yeah all right next up we got 1am

IM: 1am is what it sounds like it's a song that you write at 1am I was probably in the car late and i was right now for the studio session that i had the next day and it's just really big about what it feels like when you're driving alone and you kind of play through back arguments or whatever it is that you kind of think about while you're driving with no music on and it's kind of the song that you would play if you're in the mood to not play anything.

FLEM: I like like how you worded that. All right so it seemed like a lot of thought went into your organization because after 1am I see the next track name is insomnia.

IM: Yes, so I mean simply because it was one of the first songs that I wrote when I was starting to get into the studio and it more is just like a capsule a capture or a picture of what it feels like a little bit to really put yourself out there and a lot of times that comes with you know fears and anxieties of what what's to come next you know it keeps you up late at night.

FLEM: true nice thanks uh next up we got a song called bedrock can you tell me about that.

IM: Bedrock my favorites too I really like that one it's about it's about like everybody has that one person that's always like the person who got away or that friend who just you can never really make more than a friend even though y'all like each other or whatever yeah well they won't they for being love story.

FLEM: okay okay uh we're gonna get more than that uh at a later date but uh next up we got uh interesting title we got something called Jeff hardy

IM: Jeff Hardy is another song that I really really pride on the city of charlotte uh growing up I really love to watch WWE wrestling and Jeff hardy was like my favorite wrestler and the reason i liked it because he was just such a huge risk taker and that song is just about risk-taking.

FLEM: okay and the last track you got on the album is called daydreaming

IM:it's like you're just thinking a lot or more you don't have to listen to it to just know what it is i guess

FLEM: okay to totally understand that all right now yeah so that's all the songs on your album at the moment so what we're gonna do right now is i'm just have a quick round with you i'm gonna ask you like spitfire questions all right your favorite baseball team?

IM: all right baltimore orioles

FLEM: okay um favorite rapper?

IM: Donald Glover Childish Gambino

FLEM: favorite place you have not been to yet

IM: maybe the maldives

FLEM: destination of your honeymoon once you get married

IM: i don't know if it'll be for marriage but i definitely got it i gotta hit up like Indes mountains over there

FLEM: all right and the last question i got for you is  how soon are you getting back in the studio?

IM: oh i'm getting back in the studio every day all right cool

FLEM: all right that concludes the interview  have a good day good luck on album thank you take care

IM: cool take care cool