Want to be a winner?

I was scrolling through Facebook and something interesting happened. I saw something that was actually helpful.  It was a post that went something like 6 months of hard work and focus can put you 5 years ahead of where you are. And to me that sounds like time traveling.

Grandma and Baby

the look of 100 years

I have always been a proponent of hard work belief and just getting things done but this hit differently because for the last year and a half I have been depressed. Couldn't travel. Movies and projects I was working on shut down because of COVID19.  Job became less satisfying because of the politics on the state and local levels.  I had so many things I wanted to do.

When I can across that quote with Samuel L Jackson chilling. I saw myself as a time traveler and made a promise to myself for the next 6 months I will do everything I can to make up not only the last year but the past 5.

I wrote down everything then in every aspect of my life I had control on a Google document and then wrote what actions steps I could do that day. And it's working 3 days in.

For example health was a big thing I am about to turn 40 next year wrote down make appointment. And I am writing this post as I wait for the doctor.

Now, you may think that is nothing or is simple. But every thing great begins with small actions. A left turn other than a right. Asking the Waitress for a wine over a beer.

You can do this too. We can do this. Until next time take a small step