To be honest I only ever had two pair of Jordan’s. To be even more honest I didn’t pay for them. One was a gift from my cousin. The other was a par of fake SBB 3.0 that was donated to me from being on time to the studio. When I was younger I made my own clothes because being part of a large family anything that was name brand was not on the menu. I was that kid from the country that used my imagination to make my own shoes. They were ugly . But the point of all this is that You have to be honest with yourself and what you want to do in order to get what you want. Find your ambition.

If you want Jordan’s and you can afford them buy them. If you want to make a movie do that. But what ever you decide to do. Do it with purpose. When I came back to the educational field it was to just do that. Show the next generation that you don’t have to the best at anything to become anything you want to be.

Let me explain. When I wanted to make my first movie. Let me tell you everything that I didn’t have. I didn’t have the money, the equipment, the experience, the cast, the crew, the script. To be honest I did not have anything that I needed. The one thing that I had. The only thing you need is ambition.

I sent 500 emails and got 5 replies. I filmed at a restaurant that just opened. My wife’s friends apartment that was out of town. I filmed during a outing with friends at the driving range. I filmed while I got a hair cut. I used what I had. I didn’t wait from the perfect moment. I made the moment.

Once the filming was done we had a premiere at the restaurant and had a blast. Then I put it online and the bad words start coming. Your movie has bad acting. This is not good blah blah blah. Click here to view film for yourself. I had fun making it.

A qoute that I heard recently on a audiobook is

If you need encouragement, praise, pats on the back from everybody, then you make everybody your judge.- Fritz Perls

So what I am saying to you today is find that ambition inside and do it because you love it. Not because you feel that is expected or you want people to praise you.


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