Don’t get me wrong every time I pick up a camera and begin to record I imagine myself getting or receiving an award and telling the audience there that I knew that this is the right project. But that is not always the end result sometimes. I finish a project and it is not until years later that I get enough interest in the final project to do something with it.

First things First:

Save your old content and don’t forget to label it. Nothing is worse than interviewing someone and 4 years after you have the conversation they are in the news for something good or even better because no one we know can ever do anything bad. You spend the next 12 hours going through your old tapes with no titles and files with names such as av1-127ew9dkj because you have the subject on tape saying exactly what the question everyone is asking. Get you an External storage drive and spend a few days going through and labeling your footage the one I currently have is WD My Book 3 TB External HDD. This would also be a good time to close the door and have a bottle of wine to see how much your skills have grown over the years.

So I have my files whats next?

After going through your files you may ask yourself. Can I make money off of this? The short answer is yes. The how much answer the world only knows. If some of your footage passes the time test and you want to put it out for the world to see I can only speak of things I have tried.

  1. A private YouTube link. Some of the footage you may have may be good enough for your family to see or maybe a friend that missed the slam dunk and was super embarrassed. With your footage just simply upload the footage set to private and let your friends and family laugh about it.
  2. A public YouTube link. You have footage of the next president of the United States of Space doing back flips just as it breaks on the news why not get some views based off the public need for information that you alone have access.
  3. Facebook video. My experience with Facebook video is its there but I currently have no idea how to monetize and stay relevant as long as it is my timeline. But it is a cool way to get eyes on your work and with a few shares you could go viral.

I want to make real money on my movie. So how can I get my movie on Amazon?

You go through your files and you have something good. I mean really good the world needs to see this and I should make millions of dollars. Now Since I have not done that but I can speak of the thousands I made.

Amazon Prime Video. It was a very detailed and thorough process that turn you into every part of a filmmaker, closed captioned, Sound engineer, Graphic Designer and everything else under the sun. In my opinion Amazon was great place to place quality content.

At first it was slow, 2 views this day 5 the next then after about 10 reviews. Hundreds of Views Thousands of dollars it was amazing and if you have any questions please let me know. But all good things comes to an end. Amazon changed the royalty payout several times over the past few years what was once checks of 1,000’s of dollars to maybe enough to by a burger or two which is still better than nothings.

As far as getting in theaters. I don’t know yet. But I soon will and once I figure it out I will let you know.

The main thing that I recommend with any content you have is to store it someplace safe. Label it so you can retrieve it when ready. If you have a hit share it with the world.

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