In the very near future I will answer all of the questions below with a depth that you will think that I am writing a book. Something I will plan on doing in the future but as for now the information will be free flowing and just as random as anything else I do.

As far as my back ground I have two feature length films on Amazon both written, edited and directed by me, A TV pilot that is currently in the works that was written and directed by me. So when I talk to you I am not speaking from a place of expertise I am speaking from a place of experience.

As stated before I will go into depth for these answers and hopefully get to the point where I am world known but as for know I will give one sentence answers to the questions

  1. What are the steps in making a movie?

From what I learned so far, there are no steps to making a movie you have to just make it. I know that sounds crazy but it is true. If you are reading this I will promise you the money will never be enough, the actors will never be confident in your script. Your wife will never let you set part of the house on fire… Well maybe that’s just me. but if I were to say the first step in making a movie. Is to promise yourself you will make a movie.

2. How can I make a movie script?

To make a script you first must have a story. And the main thing, the test I use to gauge my work is does it make sense? if it doesn’t I promise you your movie will not be good. Next ask your self a question. ” would I watch this movie?” if it is a no…. pass.

More information to come… stay tuned I have some editing to do.