Vinyl siding is an interesting part of your Home. It can get you a lovely letter from your homeowners association. It can get so dirty that you think it looks like the logo of your favorite football team ( Let’s Go Panthers),but your partner will demand that it’s clean before they get back from their weekend trip. Or in this case, you get a call from your 70-something-year-old father super suggesting that you go pick up some vinyl cleaner. Being 4th of 5 Kids so you better pick the right one.

When you know you are getting old.

When you turn 40 years old several things happen. You wake up feeling like you were playing basketball and you have been dreaming. You realize that the majority of new music is really bad. Lastly, you have a desire to go to stores like Lowes for everything that a grown-up would need. It’s like how it was back when Toys R Us was I was a kid

While walking around and getting distracted by the mini bikes they had out front and the sexy grills they had on display. I remember my father the man who raised me counted on me to get the correct vinyl siding cleaner and if I were to make a mistake I would be letting my father down which since I am half of my father I would be letting him down too.

Me and my Dad

When you don’t know just Ask

I saw this man in the the store wearing camouflage vet and a name tag. Lowes has a program where they hires vets and my father is a vet so I knew he would know exactly what my father would need.

 Deddy as a solider

Me: Excuse me Sir, My father sent me to find siding cleaner for his house and thank you for your service my dad is a vet too.

Employee: The Green Bottle, End of Aisle 26 that the only one I use so the only one I would recommend. And helping your dad is a great thing.

I went to the end cap as instructed got the product as instructed and took it to my father.

The Mold Armor

The Cleaning

So I got to my fathers House. I built a greenhouse. ” Yeah it is that random when your parents are retired” . Walked to the front of the house he showed me the area that needed to be cleaned. With the Mold Armor E-Z House Wash. I asked him when was the last time he cleaned and he told me that it had been several years.

Here is the before picture.

Dirty siding of the house

I must say that my dad needs more water pressure. After doing what the instructions said and waiting the ten minutes I was not mad about the purchase at all. It looked 100 times better.

dad after cleaning of Vinyl siding

I recommend

I recommend this product 100% and for the foreseeable future whenever I am instructed to clean some vinyl. This is the product I will use. On the way home I stopped to see my 103 year old grandmother. After our quick convo… I interrupted her Tuesdays Bible study . I told her I would come clean her house because the product worked so well. She said yes! that sounds great and she gave me a gift. Find out about that later in another post.

Grandma and Jerome in room