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Our Approach

Our Approach

Jerome Fleming lives by the motto that everyone has a passion. His passion was to make a movie. Although he didn't have traditional resources, such as investors or lots of money, Jerome took the resources he had to make a remarkable film. You will often hear him say that "passion is the only resource you need to fulfill your dreams."

With the creation of Passion Resource Films, Jerome has taken a group of creative individuals and allowed them to display their talents on the big screen. Passion Resource Films creates
feature-length films, short films, and other creative film projects.

Our Story

Meet the Team

Currently just me and my brother's like The Yin Yang Twins.


Jerome Fleming


Jerome Fleming, director, and writer of Game of Love have always had a passion for the film industry. A graduate of Johnson C. Smith University, Jerome is an IT specialist during the day and a creative influencer at night. After a successful 5 year run on Public Access T.V with his t.v. the show "Certified by Jerome," writing dozens of screenplays, and running for
political office, Jerome decided it was time for the world to see his movie-making talent.

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Sly Fleming


Sylvester (Sly) Fleming Jr. is a former licensed Financial Advisor, Business
Consultant, Christian Financial & Relationship Life Coach, Accomplished Author, and one of the most captivating and humorous Public Speakers of his time. Sly wears many different hats of responsibility but he wears them well. This in-depth knowledge of several different industries gives him the unique ability to educate, enlighten and to identify viable solutions for all those involved.

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Demond Raybon


Demond Raybon, Motivated Technology Expert who creates strategic alliances with organization leaders to effectively align with and support key business initiatives. He also builds and retains high-performance teams by hiring, developing and motivating skilled professionals. Also, he is involved with developing the Infrastructure of small business and startups.

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