Silly title but yes it is true.I wrote my first full length feature script in 2010. It was not very good as far as the layout or storyboard or anything but I did write it. To have something that could be a blockbuster in your hands or a wasted $3.17 stack of papers is a joy that everyone has but only a few have the courage to do.

It took me almost 6 months of character creation going back and forth between friends with silly storylines. Giving them the names of the character and changing storylines to the people that were in my everyday life to give them more interest in listening to crazy ole me talking about random strangers in odd situations. Well how about I give the names of people I know in odd situations. It was so much fun.

After I finished my first screen play I took it to a cousin of mine who is in the industry and he said ” Yep, This is good it will cost you about 3 million dollars though.” Now being that at the time I was a school teacher and i knew he had 3 million and didn’t offer a time I took the formula that he gave me and wrote another screenplay and another screen play and about 7 years later i wrote one that I could make for free. I will share that story in a later post 

The main lesson I learned from the first screenplay until today. Do Not Wait. Do it now. Don’t wait for someone to read your script and say it is the greatest thing ever because they won’t. Don’t wait for you to win the lottery and have enough money to make your film because more likely than not you won’t. The only thing you can control in your creativity and your ambition.

I am going to go into depth about how you too can make your film free of charge. S

Stay Tuned.